Black Scottie Chai

2 Pack King Size Black Scottie Chai

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64oz King Size Black Scottie Chai Concentrate × 2

  • 100% Natural, Shelf Stable, Super condensed liquid concentrate saves storage space.
  • The perfect chai for every occasion.
  • Just add milk, hot or cold to make the perfect cup of our Original Chai.
  • Add it to your coffee, cocktails, baking, ice cream, waffles, oatmeal and more.
  • Each 64 ounce bottle makes 64/12oz drinks (6 gallons)
  • Naturally caffeinated
  • Non-Alcoholic

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  • 1 oz Portion Control Pump
  • Fits King Size Chai & Apple bottles
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More of what you love. The equivalent of 16 small glass bottles of Black Scottie Chai!

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in

64oz King Size Black Scottie Chai Concentrate


Black Scottie Chai


Number of 12 oz drinks you can make


Weight 0.01 lbs

14 reviews for 2 Pack King Size Black Scottie Chai

  1. Dea (verified owner)

    Delicious product and super customer service.

  2. Robyn (verified owner)

    This chai is amazing! Yummy and convenient. I drink it every morning

  3. Rochelle Earl (verified owner)

    This is the best chai I have ever had. After reading other reviews, I can’t wait to get some for camping and enjoy by a campfire.

  4. Jessica E. (verified owner)

    Best chai I have ever had!! Easy and convenient.

  5. Charles G. (verified owner)

    Best Chai I’ve ever had, order this religiously and have friends ask where I get it!

  6. Donna Fromhagen (verified owner)

    Love this product. I share this with my friends in Wisconsin when we camp in the UP of Michigan. Nothing like it on a chilly morning over a campfire.

  7. Charles (verified owner)

    One bottle leaked. Post office
    thought it was oil at first, finally after smelling it they knew, package was delivered such a waste not knowing what they did to determine

  8. Kathleen Knight (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and love the tea!

  9. Christina Johnson (verified owner)

    I stock up on my favorite chai for the savings and the sharing. Having plenty on hand helps me to be willing to make a cup for a friend as well as for myself! Best chai around! The smooth combo of spices is delicious both hot and iced. For variations I like to make a lavender chai, or even a matcha chai. Frothing the milk with the chai, cold foam style, and then adding even more milk over ice makes for a cool summer drink. We make chai ice cream and more! Try sending the 8 oz size for a gift to see if they love it too! The pump makes for a handy portioning tool but often clogs and needs cleaning to remove the spices, if that’s the only complaint I can come up with, they are doing just fine.

  10. Colton B (verified owner)

    We used to grab a coffee from Espresso News in Boone NC daily. We moved but had to know what they used for their Chai. We might not be able to make a Dirty Chai exactly the same, but it still tastes amazing!

  11. Ed Schmitt (verified owner)

    This is by far the best chai concentrate I have ever had. Every coffee shop I go to I try a chai latte but have never tasted one as good. I first had a chai latte using Black Scottie Chai in Richland, WA and was so impressed I asked the shop owner about the concentrate. He showed me the bottle and I have been buying it for myself ever since. I wish shops in this area used the same (near Nashville, TN).

  12. OB5E55ION COFFEE (verified owner)

    This BSC is unbelievable!!!!! Every single customer absolutely loves our chai latte. We serve it hot or iced and they almost pass out from the incredible flavors that overpower their taste buds. Truly remarkable and the Apple Wassail is just as good, truly blows people away

  13. Donna Fromhagen (verified owner)

    I have a friend that turned me on to Black Scottie tea. When I see her, I bring her some chai tea so she can enjoy it as much as I do.

  14. Chris Johnson (verified owner)

    For years I have said that Black Scottie is my fave chai. I have enjoyed it in coffee shops who are savvy enough to carry it all over the state. But more recently, I have discovered that the taste I love to sip out on the town is available for me to sip at home. It’s a dangerous habit, I buy the two large bottles and am so eager to share it that I burn right through it. Don’t forget the pump, it’s so simple to make the perfect drink with one pump chai, and your choice of milk. It’s delicious hot or iced with oat, soy, or cow’s milk, it’s great however you make it. We make ice cream with it and serve it over store bought ice cream. There’s not a bad way to have it that I have found. I ship the small bottle as a gift to friends and it’s always a hit!

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