Black Scottie Chai

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we currently do not have a physical location for pickup someday this may be an option.

We currently do not offer international shipping, we only ship to the continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii. We are looking into Canada as our next goal.

We don’t know the exact caffeine content as it’s not an added ingredient such as you would find in drinks like Mountain Dew or Coke.  However we do brew strong black tea at about 12 times the intensity that someone might have in a good cup of something like an english breakfast tea…so that when you use the prescribed 1 oz of concentrate per 12 oz drink the tea percentage is roughly equal to having a strong cup of black tea.

When creating an infusion exact caffeine content has many variables such as tea volume relative to water, type of tea, time and temperature and may vary slightly from batch to batch … although we make it our aim to maintain as much consistency as possible.

Black Scottie Chai is shelf stable and 100% natural and does not require refrigeration. We do recommend using within the first couple of years for freshness. Reintroducing water to the product may also lead to spoilage, so it’s important to monitor this carefully.

Though we do not believe it will last that long once you have tasted it.

Black Scottie Chai doesn’t require refrigeration. It’s shelf-stable and can be stored on the counter for two years, even after opening.

Each of our products has a photo of the label, which will give you a clear idea of what it contains. Our concentrated syrup is infused with fresh brewed tea and spices. Just 1 oz (two tablespoons) of the syrup is enough to make a 12 oz drink. The remaining 11 oz will be filled with your choice of milk, which will determine the primary nutritional value of your finished drink.

Although Black Scottie Chai contains many nutritious spices, we do not make any nutritional claims. Our product is free from preservatives and artificial additives, and our customers appreciate the superior quality of our ingredients and meticulous brewing process. With each sip, you’ll experience a burst of royalty and luxury that will make any beverage taste rich and indulgent, like the Ferrari of Chai.

Like honey, our chai concentrate can harden in the pump if left in certain conditions for too long. Coffee shops usually avoid this problem due to high volume, but temperature and humidity can also play a role. The key factor is regular usage. Another thing to keep in mind is the water you use to dilute the concentrate. If the pump isn’t fully dry after cleaning, it could impact the product’s concentration level and pH, which are crucial for shelf stability without refrigeration. Reintroducing water to the product may also lead to spoilage, so it’s important to monitor this carefully.

My recommendation is that perhaps you switch from using a pump for portioning to a jigger.  

The plunger is spring loaded and will rise above the bottle by roughly 5″.  To keep the bottle from overflowing when putting the pump into the bottle either pour a little chai out of the bottle first or pump mix into the pump as you insert it into the bottle as described below:
  • First install the pump extension firmly into the bottom of the pump so it will reach to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Make sure the top half of the pump is securely screwed onto the pump body.
  • Then as you insert it into the bottle, pump it as you put it into the bottle.  This will fill the pump with chai and keep the liquid in the bottle from overflowing.
  • Screw the pump onto the top of the bottle.

If you find the pump unsuitable, consider switching to a jigger for portioning.