"Royal Companion" Finley( Fair Haired Warrior)

$ 69.00

Finley - Origin of the name Finley: Anglicized form of Fionnlagh and Fionnla, compound names composed of the Gaelic elements fionn (white, fair) and laogh (warrior, calf): hence, "fair-haired warrior." Var: Finlay.

The "Royal Companions" were inspired by the love of a dog.  They are loyal to keep watch over there masters and remind them that they are not alone.

The silhouette pillow measures 11"L by 91/2"H by 3"W.  There is a tuft of hair at the eyebrow and a neatly trimmed scottie skirt made from thready yarn.  The body is made of faux fur. 

The royal companions are a Beverly Frances original design.  Handmade in the USA.

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