2 - King Size Bottles of Black Scottie Chai

$ 100.00

2 King Size Bottles of Black Scottie Chai 

  • The perfect Blend of Exotic Spices, Black Tea and Honey!

  • Just add milk, hot or cold to make the perfect cup of chai. 

  • 100% Natural - No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives.

  • Shelf Stable - No Refrigeration Required even after opened

  • Easy to use Liquid Concentrate - Mix 1 part Black Scottie Chai concentrate with 11 parts milk. (use only one ounce to make a 12 ounce drink)

  • Each 64 ounce bottle makes 64/12oz drinks (6 gallons)

  • Mix with any kind of milk, real dairy, soy, rice etc. great hot or cold, also great drizzled over ice cream and even oat meal.

  • Caffeinated

  • Discover The Treasure!