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Thousands of chai lovers have savored the rich
bold taste of Black Scottie Chai in specialty
coffee shops for over a decade. Shop owners have considered Black Scottie Chai their secret
treasure. However consumers have become increasingly aware of that treasure. They know
that Black Scottie Chai tastes better and are now demanding to be able to make the same
great tasting chai in their own homes.

100% natural Black Scottie Chai concentrate is
made with black tea, bold exotic spices and
real honey. Just add milk (or milk substitute) to
have an amazing chai experience at home.
Because it is concentrated a little bit goes a
long way. One 8 oz. bottle makes
8/12 oz. drinks and is good hot or cold.

Chai lovers can now enjoy the treasure of
Black Scottie Chai the way they like it, when they
want it in their own homes. Once they try
Black Scottie Chai their search will be over.
They have found the treasure.

100% Natural Black Scottie Chai

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Black Scottie Chai